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A short and simple guide for the beginners to know SEO

August 11, 2018 • admin

SEO is basically a marketing discipline that focuses on how to optimize the use of search engines. If you have a blog or website, of course you want your blog or website to be visited by many people. For example, on the website, you are advertising your business or you just want to share information. So, with the increasing number of visits, it is expected that your business will also grow. Unfortunately, visitors may not know about your website or blog. All they do is type in a particular keyword in the Google bar and then choose one of the many blogs that appear. Your website or blog can be said to have good SEO skills, if it is on the front page of a search engine or even in the top rows. So, visitors will automatically click on your blog or website. Meanwhile, you can also hire Charles Brian International to improve the rank of your website in the Google’s search result.

What are the benefits of SEO?

As explained above. In general, the main benefit of search engine optimization is that your blog will be listed on search engine pages when visitors type in keywords. The implication is certainly more than that. Your blog or website will be more “eye-catching” and visitors will visit your blog more often. If your blog has been monetized, of course, the more visitors, the more your income will be. If your website is used as a business medium, it is also expected to increase your sales figures.

How to improve SEO?

In theory, a lot of things must be applied. Some of them are doing keyword surveys and putting those keywords in certain parts of the article. This is quite effective but unfortunately almost all bloggers also do the same thing. Therefore, the most important thing is to improve the quality of the content of your blog or website. Make sure your articles are interesting and easy to read without having to focus too much on keywords. In addition, adding original and interesting pictures is also necessary.