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Apply Some of These Habits To Prevent Acne Appears

June 18, 2018 • admin

Acne is something that is greatly avoided by many people. No wonder many people, especially women who perform various ways just to get rid of their acne. One of them is to use pimple marks removal. That way, then they will feel helped to eliminate their acne.

To prevent acne reappear, there are some habits that you should apply every day, such as

1. Clean the face completely
Do double cleansing every day. the way is to cleanse the face with a cleanser and then continue with the face wash soap that is right for you. This must be done so that the rest of the makeup that has been mixed with dirt does not settle in your pores.

2. Adjust your diet
You should be able to reduce the consumption of sugar or fried foods so that the oil production in the skin is well controlled. Excessive oil production in the skin can lead to more acne breakouts. Setting a diet is also very good for your health.