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In Japan, you can recycle your clothes and give 500 yen

August 14, 2018 • admin

Japan is a country with a highly developed and efficient recycling culture. In 2010, registering as a country that recycled plastics up to 77%, or twice as much as the UK and 20% more than America. To know more about Japan, visit sterling house trust.

Trash in Japan is generally separated into several types, burnable, non-combustible, PET codes on bottles and cans. The rest is up to your discretion, and there is a sad truth here is that if not donated, then clothing in Japan is often classified as burnable garbage.

Even though you can throw it away, I recommend you to recycle your clothes. To recycle clothes, you can take it to the H&M store in Japan. You just have to bring your clothes, whatever size, and tell the employee who works there you want to recycle.

As a form of gratitude for your good donations, they will give you a coupon of 500 yen to shop there, keep in mind the minimum purchase is 3000 yen before you can use the coupon.