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Push the ball when you’re putting it

August 22, 2018 • admin

A good putting blow usually doesn’t have much movement and uses less power than a full swing. This putting punch is dominated by shoulder movements that move the arms and hands together while the wrist part remains solid as the initial state. When doing the puttings, the lower part of the body such as the hips and the feet are not moving with a heavy pedestal balanced 50/50 in both legs. Apart from that, you may go to when you’re looking for a great place to play golf in Thailand.

Meanwhile, the length of the swing to the back should be the same as the length of the forward swing with the same rhythm between a punch within 1 meter with a punch within 10 meters. Use your palm to push the ball instead of hitting it. Make sure the face putter stays at the right angle in the direction of the target along the blow.

By mastering the right golfing method, you can produce puttings that are able to reach the target perfectly or at least be closer to the hole. When you want to do puttings, there is no harm in doing a warm-up motion by moving the putter forward and backward repeatedly while paying attention to your putting target.