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The easy tricks to improve your makeup fo attending a wedding reception

August 6, 2018 • admin

So that the brightness of the face radiated especially when photographed at a wedding, polish an blush on the cheek you. The colors gave blush on basically will make your appearance more interesting. If you are white, you can wear bright pink or pale pink. While the brown-skinned can wear yellow and pink berries. Well, if you are dark skin can use black color currant and red brick. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out the recommended Hollywood Mirror that you may buy online.

In addition to beautify your appearance, blush color can highlight bone cheek you know. So, you can become more beautiful when taking pictures with your friends.

The makeup for a wedding is also supported by eye makeup. Let’s play color with your eyes and your clothes!

The choice of eyeshadow color should be tailored to your clothes. Therefore, do not let the wrong choice.

To wear it, you can start with bright and neutral colors on the upper eyelid area. Next, give a bright and shiny color to the corner of the eye to highlight it. For dark color, you can polish it into the curve and above the curve.