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The types of business that can be helped with the local SEO

August 3, 2018 • admin

When building a 4P marketing strategy for local businesses that need to be mapped first is Promotion (the way we build website content when promoting), products (product characters such as colors, new or used items etc.) and Place (map out where our customers are) and Price (if your customer is considered price sensitive). Meanwhile, visit to find a recommended geofencing service.

Well, if you are a business owner in a particular area, you can use Google to get clients. While the type of business that matches the local SEO marketing strategy is:

Hospitality or hotel services,
Service needs a typical product eg typical regional food
Service needs services that consumers should be present in your place, such as; rental car/motorcycle, barber shop and so on
Then the question is whether your business needs local SEO marketing? … If your business or client is included in the points above, then the answer .. is very necessary

Nowadays, if we want to find a residence in Bali, then the query “hotel in Bali” in Google is the first thing to think about. So also for other services.