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What You Need to Know About the Use of Social Media

July 31, 2018 • admin

Everyone knows how social media marketing works. Social media users are connected, communicating, interacting, sending messages, and sharing, on a large network. As a medium of communication, social media is not only used for information sharing and inspiration but also self-expression, personal branding, etc. For your information, there are 3 important things to know about social media before you make the decision to choose certain social media services for your digital and online business needs.

1. People use social media to connect

When people hear about social media, then the first thing on your mind is “connect” or connect with other users. That is the reason why marketers are using social media to connect with consumers. If we fail to connect with them, then it will only be a waste of time.

What does it mean for marketers? Most people use social networks to seek entertainment for themselves. Therefore, to reach a wider audience, we must be able to package unique and interesting content to be entertaining.

Suppose we can share tools, promote events, or whatever, the most important is we can make interactive experiences to encourage passive users to be active.

2. Good and unique content will be widely followed in social media

One of the Keys to attracting audiences is to create great and unique content. In addition, we must also get the main audience, without our main audience having no retention. That means our social media will not grow and do not get lifetime customer value.

3. Shareable content is key in social media

Perhaps the first thing people ask when using social media marketing is “How can I get more Facebook LIKE?”. But when they know that LIKE counts only have a slight impact on content distribution, then the question turns to “How can I get people to share my content?”

In online marketing, shared content can be defined as ‘viral marketing’. This is a trust-based marketing strategy (or at least trying to convince others to believe). The key is if we can produce good content, automatically there will be many people who share our content.