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When the compressor of your AC does not work.

August 20, 2018 • admin

For this situation what frequently happens is the out-entryway fan is turning, however, the compressor does not work. To see if the compressor works or not should be possible in two different ways, in particular checking the electric current that goes through the compressor and the refrigerant weight in the pipe. To check the present going through the compressor, utilize the ampere forceps, at that point squeeze one of the links that go into the compressor (can be certain or negative). Next, alter the estimation comes about with a standard electric current on the AC unit. Meanwhile, visit to find a reliable AC repair service.

After you know the compressor isn’t working, do the accompanying strides to determine it.

Check the primary electrical voltage. On the off chance that the voltage (voltage) is low, instantly answer to the power company officer for repairs.

Check the compressor capacitor, still great or harmed. On the off chance that harmed, replace it with another capacitor the size.

Check the outer over-burden engine defender, as yet working or not. In the event that harmed, replace with comparable segments.

Check the link and electrical socket in the open air segment, if there is a harmed some portion of the link or socket. The arrangement, settle link associations and power sockets.

Check the outside fan pivot, if the revolution is moderate or powerless, which means the fan capacitor is frail. Several changes in capacitors.